I was going to starfield in Hanam today
The rain fell to the ground and changed its destination to Paju Shinsegae Outlet
I want to post the toss bag and the bag bag that I bought at the outlet.
Actually, I was so tired this morning
I just went to see him and eat and come

What the hell?

at the new outlet in Paju
I’m doing a luxury duty-free sale

Paju Shinsegae Outlet Tax Exemption Luxury Sale

So the posting photo starts here
(I didn’t even think to post it.)
First, you go into the store to see the duty-free items
I’m giving you these plastic gloves

Like the luxury goods sisters who wear this and touch the luxury bag
You can touch it, wear it, and look at it.

Paju Shinsegae Outlet Tax Exemption Luxury Sale – Saint Laurent Products

I shouldn’t have taken a picture
I took a sneak photo.
I’m sorry if I get caught

In fact, how good are there products until you enter the store ~ ~?
at the store where you went in with doubts
Saint Laurent and Valenciaga Valentino Toz Ghaci, etc.
I was surprised to see that there were so many brands ready

And the timing was good
It was raining a lot this morning
There weren’t many cars coming to the outlet

So there’s not a lot of people
My sister and I are trying to pick up good products and good-looking products
I was slowly watching closely

Paju Shinsegae Outlet Tax Exemption Luxury Sale – Valencia, Saint Laurent

I’ll show you a picture today rather than a horse
And there are Valencia’s Qualifying Top Hands I wanted to buy
There was also a cityback in Valenciaga

And Saint Laurent Luluback, who you’ve been through

Paju Shinsegae Outlet Tax Exemption Luxury Sale – Valentino Shoes, Tory Burch Shoes, Tozback

I wanted to bring that Valentino flat too
450,000 won doesn’t feel very cheap, so I just gave up
And the toss top handbag I was worried about

I thought it was so cute and so good as soon as I saw it
I’ve seen it with the top handles and I’ve done crossbacks

I really liked it
There was one left,
There was a lot of leather on the other side of the room, not on the side I held.

So I’m going to tell the seller
I asked if the leather was too bad and I could not get a discount
He’s too hard on the leather, you know?
There’s an additional discount on the amount already tax-exempt
Just because there’s no more discounts
I put it down right away

Paju Shinsegae Outlet Tax Exemption Luxury Sale – Toz shoulder bag and Saint Laurent chain chain bag I bought

Two bags I bought

Put down the gray toss bag,
I brought a toss beige shoulder bag
I was wondering if I could buy beige or orange shoulder bag
I finally brought him to Beige

I looked it up on the Internet and it was hard to find this toss beige shoulder bag
I saw it sold on a lot more expensive sites
and then the desire to buy

Paju Shinsegae Outlet Tax Exemption Luxury Sale – Toz shoulder bag and top handbag

a comparison shot that goes in again
(That bag still looks so pretty, too.)

And I’m not going to tell the salesman
I was thinking about top handles and shoulder bags, and I asked you which ones are more popular
(I guess I’m one person who can’t stand the question.)

She’s a top handle, a lot of tossed-out products these days
You can buy other products or similar products
The toss shoulder bag I bought is not working out these days
He said, “It’s a hard model to get, so I’ll buy it in a shoulder bag.”

So I really like it and ask for it right away

Paju Shinsegae Outlet Tax Exemption Luxury Sale – Tozback and Toz Ring-Pack

I don’t care about the toss bag at all
I saw the products today and I watched them carefully because they were so beautiful

I think he feels like Hermes?
the high-end spouts that women like

And I don’t really like the pink bag-like shape in the picture above
Is my bag stale changed or trendy these days?
I thought I was so pretty. (I didn’t really see the beige shoulder bag I bought today, either) and that tossed ring was so pretty. I thought I was really worried about whether to live or not (Would I change the Prada card slot too long?

I was thinking.) Is that wallet really so lovely and luxurious, like a godsman? ? This is also a feeling of Hermes, but I still like it so much. So Paju Shinsegae Outlet Tax Exemption Sale –

TOZ SHOUSS DISTRIBUE TOZ SHOWS PAJU Shinsegae Outlet Tax Exemption Sale – Saint Laurent Bags Saint Laurent Chain Bags My sister and I both have to worry about what bag to buy and watch again slowly.

I took a picture with the same face. I think Saint Laurent is so pretty these days. I did not care about Saint Laurent’s bag until last year, but I was so beautiful with Beige Saint Laurent on the left.

I really heard it. I think I did a lot of it. And Bottega Beneta mini shoulder bag was so beautiful. Bottega just spewed out of itself. Eventually I bought a toss beige shoulder bag + Saint Laurent Thistle bag.

Paju Shinsegae Outlet Lunch After finishing the luxury shopping, I went to the restaurant for a late lunch, I ate cheese pork cutlet, seafood octopus ramen, and chicken ribs. We all ate so hungry that we ate so much.

(I will omit it if not necessary) Paju Shinsegae Outlet – Editorial Shop Store Paju Shinsegae Outlet – Editorial Shop Store My favorite Tory Burch Shop Paju Shinsegae Outlet – Tory Burch Store Paju Shinsegae Outlet – Tory Burch Store Hermes Burkin? He said, “I’m not

I liked the orange mini 레플리카 bag on the right. I liked the Paju Shinsegae Outlet – personal shot, personal shot, personal shot, Paju Shinsegae Outlet – Coach store, I moved to my favorite coach. Paju Shinsegae Outlet – Coach bags I saw a lot of pretty bags.

The bucket bag was pretty, and the white cross bag in the middle picture was so beautiful. The last picture was a mini bag. I just took a picture of it. I also took a look at Michael Kors.

I watched clothes and watched accessories. Paju Shinsegae Outlet – Eight Seconds Today was a day when I had an unexpected windfall and unexpected windfall in an outing I did not really expect. We are going to go out again at the end of this month or next month. Everyone goes to the outlet for spring outings How about you get a good one? ???

Shinsegae Paju Premium Outlet Saint Laurent and Tozback Added:) Saint Laurent Mini Chain Testle Back Roland Sunset Bag and Chain Tessback Paju Shinsegae Outlet Toz Beige Bucket Shallow Bag Paju Shinsegae Outlet toz Beige Bucket Bag Paju Shinsegae Outlet Outlet toz Beige Bucket Bag Paju

Shinsegae Outlet Toz Bucket Bag and Saint Laurent Chain Tesselbackck Underwear In fact, yesterday’s most needed was a new underwear, but I only talked about the bag and the posting.

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