The weather is really warm enough to realize that spring is approaching! Don’t you all 힐링업 feel that way?
Now that the weather is starting to warm up, I think it is time to unwind the body that has been shrinking and work hard again!I had to move around to find a new job this week, so I was in a period of accumulation of fatigue in my body. I was cool and unwinded my body once and went to the body skin station today!
Body Skin Bucheon Massage Bucheon Esteic Shop is a famous chain store ~ It is an esthetic brand with stores in various places nationwide!Especially, it is very well known as Gold Ring Care, and I am already one of the most familiar places to visit this station massage store last year!
The store is also very good! If you walk to the 1st exit of Yeokgok Station on Line 1, you can see it right away by walking about 100m to the right!I went to the bright daylight and the picture was not good, but there is a sign like this ~ It is on the second floor of the building and there is a Nonghyup bank opposite ~ It will not be hard to find!
The store is not wide, but it is cozy ~ I visited during the weekday, but there are also customers who are already taking care!I think it would be nice to refer to the gold ring care in various places in the store because the massage shop is quite famous around here!
Immediately, you greeted the employee and guided me to the place where I will receive the care ~ There are quite a lot of places where I can get care, so if you make reservations in advance, you can visit as much as possible.
It’s a space where I’ll get care at the station music store today!I am going to take care of myself because I came alone in a cozy two-room room. When I could come with my girlfriend and take care of it like this? The room was very warm ~ I prepared the bed so warm that the employee really wanted to be hot ~ You prepared the clothes so that you could change into paper
Today I will be given full-length care for the rear! The rear telegraph goes with the back and the calf and sole care!It takes about 60 minutes ~ After receiving it, the legs will be smoother and the back and shoulders will be really refreshing.
I always get back care when I come to the esthetic shop. I am almost the first person to receive back care. I am a worker who works as a office worker. Of course, my neck and shoulder waist are not good, so I have to care periodically. You massage it right along the blood and cervical spine line, and you catch it right away where it is not good.
Especially when you come to the Body Skin station, I recommend you to really get Gold Ring Care!It’s really made of pure gold, so it’s really good to make you feel better as you release toxins! I personally recommend it very much
When the care is over, put the pack like this at the end ~ This pack warms over time and helps blood circulation throughout the back!
And calves and lower body care! How do you usually manage calves and legs?I was not really so concerned about management because I was a man, but after I came to Body Skin and took care of my calf and soles, I knew again why my feet and legs were important

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