It is located next to Hannam-dong Soonchunhyang University Hospital, and it is accessible from Hangangjin Station, Itaewon Station, and Hannam Station.

Above all, parking costs are cheap, so it is good to visit by car.

The valet cost including parking costs 3,000 won.

Hannam-dong Restaurant Coop Hannam Location.

It is a rare high-rise building in Hannam-dong, but the shape of the building is unusual.

Opening hours are 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Break time is from 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm, and last order is 9 pm.

However, due to the guidelines for prevention, business hours may be changed.

Especially, it is good to make reservations in advance because it is famous for the view restaurant.

From the entrance, I can feel the luxurious interior.

It is located on the 9th floor of the building, and it is a wonderful restaurant where you can eat while looking down on Hannam-dong.

The atmosphere is particularly nice.

I feel luxurious from the entrance, but I feel like I have a local restaurant I visited during my trip to Europe.

Especially, it also has a wine bar where you can enjoy wine, so various wine related products were nicely interiorized at the entrance.

It can also be called, and the cost of the call is 40,000 won per bottle.

Nowadays, it seems that it is an important factor to visit restaurants not only to taste and atmosphere but also to keep the rules of prevention.

I checked the door at the entrance and was guided to the seat.

A structure with a table around an open kitchen in the center.

So, for some reason, you can enjoy the Hannam-dong view and enjoy delicious dishes and wine,

You can enjoy Hannam-dong of other charms depending on the table located in Itaewon direction, Hangangjin station direction, and Han River direction.

There was a winery at the entrance, and a room,

It was a decorating space, so it seemed good to have a private event such as a small party, anniversaries, family gatherings and dinners.

There is no room charge, and it can be used when using more than 300,000 won including food and wine.
A wife who is troubled by a variety of menus.

It is a restaurant in Hannam-dong that I found to enjoy a special date with my wife.

I watched the atmosphere inside Kuphannam.
The interior is clean and luxurious overall.

There was also a table that looked like a rainbow color reflected on the table.
A space that shows each different charm for each table.

Surely, the view of the surroundings as cool as the high-rise (?) building located in Hannam-dong was cool.

Personally, the most attractive view I felt is the direction of Itaewon.

Through the wonderful window, I was able to see the scenery of Hannam-dong, which was opened to the Muslim temple far away.

Hannam, who showed a high quality feeling overall.
The menu was prepared mainly for French cuisine, so it was a good composition to enjoy special taste and atmosphere.

Hannam-dong Restaurant It also has a variety of wine lists as well as wine bars.

I want to taste this and I want to taste it too.

The main dish is duck breast steak,

I ordered octopus, burata cheese and tomato salsa with a whole side dish.
First, the doorstep is priced at 18,000 won.

Before I went on a trip abroad, I thought octopus was only a lodging.

I remember eating octopus so delicious on my trip to Croatia, I ordered it in Kuphannam,

There was a food that was octopus-oriented.
Burata cheese and tomato salsa, which seemed to be good to taste like salad. Price is 19,000 won.

It is a good food to eat with a clean taste with tomatoes and basil salsa.

I thought it would be nice with a wine snack.

From the food visuals, a luxurious pretzel style is poured out.

It is a feeling of Hannam-dong restaurant that feels good to eat with good eyes.

The chewiness and succumbing in the texture.

Here’s a fresh dish with fresh tomatoes and basil salsa.

Oh, it’s delicious, something luxurious.

If you eat a shovel, you can think of a glass of wine by putting a mouthful of burata cheese as if you were thinking of a beer.

House wine was also ready, but if it was not for the car, I would have ordered it right away.
Wow, the octopus is no joke.

The inside is crisp, but the inside is moist, and you will feel it in the mouth.

I felt only chewy without a tough texture, and the combination of lentil puree and quino was excellent.

This is why I want to be a man when I eat Hannam-dong restaurant.
It is also good as a luxury restaurant.

I’m done cooking, so I clean up the empty dishes,

I even have the sense of asking a doctor before I ask for a dish.

So, Nyoki appeared. 26,000 won.

It was a gnocchi of basil pestos with cream, but the texture was really good because the gnocchi itself was made with potatoes.

In the past, when I ate flour-oriented gnocchi, I did not feel great charm, but I was able to enjoy the charm of gnocchi in Hannam.

And the duck breasts I ordered in Maine. The price is 38,000 won.

I recently enjoyed beef and pork, so I have ordered ducks on the menu without worrying.

As a high-end Hannam-dong restaurant, there is also a bee in the cutlery.

I also put it on the wish list for use at home soon, but it is nice to see it in Hannam.
It was good to be able to eat without 풀싸롱 any burden because it is a potato base.

It is like a crisp potato ball with a freshly fried feeling, and the chewy feeling is very good.

The combination of savory and basil pesto sauce in the mouth is also good.

Wow, duck breasts are a jackpot.

I said that I dried it for a long time and baked it crispy.

It is as if you eat a souvee steak, but the inside is a moist and soft, quite delicious duck breast dish.

It seems to be in my fingers during the duck breast dish I tasted.
The combination of garnish, such as a slightly sweet sauce, lentil beans, and baked vegetables, was also satisfactory.

It was also a place where you can enjoy the proper French cuisine, not just the view restaurant, to show the down quality of Hannam-dong restaurant.

It was… It was hard because I kept thinking about wine.
Not only me, but my wife also praised me for being completely satisfied.

I’m gonna make a lot of money.
At night, he shows another atmosphere.

It seemed to have transformed into a luxurious dining wine bar feeling with a combination of subtle lighting and Seoul night view lights out of the window.

It seemed to be better to visit at sunset and appreciate both the sunset and the night view.
Hannam-dong View Restaurant where you could enjoy the same space and different feeling according to time.

The hanger is also located separately at the entrance, so it is convenient to store the coat and

The service was also satisfactory because it was cheap (three hours of parking) at 3,000 won including parking expenses.
I do not want my wife to go out, so I look around in front of the elevator again.

Hannam-dong restaurant where you can enjoy luxurious French dishes, wine, and wonderful atmosphere.

Next time you get the chance, it’s where you want to visit again.

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