Today, I’d like to tell you about the conditions of unemployed capital loans, and many people are complaining of difficulties due to the prolonged aftermath of the coronavirus. It has also made a lot of changes to ordinary people, and many people are forced to apply for loans due to the poor economic conditions.

However, if your current situation is not good, such as when you don’t have a job and can’t prove your income, you can’t even get a loan easily, but there is a way. Please find out about the terms and conditions of the unemployed capital with me and use them if you have any.

I’m talking about credit loans among the terms of unemployed capital loans, but first of all, the interest rate is higher than the first financial sector in the market, but it has the advantage of being able to get a higher limit on easier terms than the first financial sector.

Depending on what product it is and where it is handled, the qualification conditions as well as the details may vary, so it is essential to compare it, but it is better to check it carefully and get a loan in the most favorable way for me.

There are signs that legal interest rates will be raised in the second half of this year, so some Capital companies are releasing products with lower interest rates than before, so if you look carefully, you can use them under better conditions. I’ll also find out what kind of products there are.

Elon products that can be applied without having to work are loaned through credit card usage records, and even if you don’t have income, you can get a higher limit if you have your own real estate. The limit is at least 3 million won to 60 million won.

You don’t have to visit the store because you can borrow money from the Internet, and the length of time you can use depends on how much you rent, and you can use it from one year to up to six years. Repayment is made in equal installments of principal and interest. Interest rates are at a minimum of 7.1% per annum.

The product belongs to individual business owners, freelancers, office workers, and housewives, and even unemployed 폰테크 people can apply for loans, such as freelancers and housewives. But there is an age limit. You can apply from 23 years of age or older.

As expected, you can apply for the Internet, and the loan limit is at least KRW 2 million to KRW 100 million, and the interest rate is at least 4.8 percent per year. The available period is 6/9/12/24/36/48/60/72 months, and you can choose to pay back the principal and interest equal installment, installment payment after the installment, and temporary repayment.

Card user loans handled by Woori Financial Capital (formerly Ajou Capital) are literally for people with credit cards under their name, and you can apply if you have used them. You should note that you can easily apply on the Internet or an application, and that you need a copy of your ID card and a copy of your resident registration to apply.

The interest rate on loans is 9.9% per year, and the limit is at least 2 million won to 45 million won. The service period is 12/24/36/48/60 months. The repayment method is to be confirmed later.

Let’s look at the conditions for loans to unemployed capital, and the Korea Capital’s ultra-simple liquidation. The loan is a small loan that housewives or unemployed people can apply for, and you can choose from the remittance method, the card method, the remittance method, and the card method.

The loan limit is at least 1 million won to 5 million won, and the interest rate is at least 16.1% per year. Repayment is a method of equal principal and interest split repayment, and up to 2% of the mid-term repayment fee is applied. The period of use ranges from 12 to 36 months, and you may have an ID card, a draft and additional documents to get a loan.

Today, we looked at the conditions of the unemployed capital loan, and please note that it is a must-see process to get a good loan after finding a loan that meets the conditions and carefully examine which one will be most beneficial to me!

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